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It's Official. It's Time for Radiant (Wedding Ready) Skin

Our Team03/02/2023

Your Wedding Day…It's exciting and a little overwhelming


The Power of Lips

Our Team02/03/2023

Dermal fillers are a nice way to enhance, create symmetry, improve texture and even diffuse undesirable wrinkles around your lips.


Winter Skincare for All Generations

Our Team01/04/2023

At Desjarlais Dermatology, our team treats patients of all ages, pediatrics to seniors


Blue Light Therapy for Cancer Prevention

Our Team12/09/2022

Desjarlais Dermatology has a full suite of skin cancer treatments and prevention


Building Your Skin Barrier – Keep the Outside Out

Our Team11/07/2022

Let’s take a moment to recognize National Healthy Skin Month, a good reminder of why we should take good care of our body


How Food Can Help Your Skin Condition

Our Team11/02/2022

As we all know, the right foods can promote health, making what you eat imperative.


Skin Conditions that Keep People from Loving Fall

Our Team10/06/2022

We all love fall, right? The beautiful color change, pumpkin spice lattes and seasonal activities are ideal for everyone.


How to Get Your Skin Back to School Ready With The Right Ingredients

Our Team08/02/2022

Whether you’re acne prone or not, the stress of a new school year could trigger a break out


Why RF Microneedling is Safer and More Effective

Our Team06/06/2022

Microneedling is a cosmetic treatment providing collagen induction therapy with ultrafine needles puncturing the skin.


Benefits of Non-Invasive Body Contouring

Our Team06/03/2022

Do you feel that you’re stuck in a rut when it comes to your weight loss journey or are you at your ideal weight but still struggling?


Healthy Skin Builds a More Confident You

Our Team02/08/2022

Your skin plays a huge factor in your self confidence. We can help you build self confidence through a carefully crafted skincare routine.


How Likely Are You To Get Skin Cancer?

Our Team01/18/2022

Different skin types have a higher risk of skin cancer, learn about your risk here.


Weathering Through Eczema Flare-Ups During Winter Months

Our Team11/30/2021

Harsh weather can cause uncomfortable eczema flare ups.


Rescue Your Sun Damaged Skin

Our Team11/04/2021

Everyone has some degree of sun damage to their skin, leanr how to treat and prevent sun damage to maintain your health and youthful appearance.


Great Tips To Relieve A Sunburn

Our Team06/03/2021

Everyone battles sunburn at some point in time. Be prepared to ease your symptoms with these tips and tricks.


Rid Yourself of Toenail Fungus Before Flip Flop Season Approaches

Our Team04/01/2021

Before you bare your toes, make sure they are clean and healthy!

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