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Rid Yourself of Toenail Fungus Before Flip Flop Season Approaches

By: Our Team


Are you shying away from the thought of flip-flops? While toenail fungus is unsightly, it can be cured with proper care and medication and then prevented from recurring. Sandal season will come sooner than you think, and getting the problem addressed now means you can slip into your flip-flops with confidence come summertime.

How Do Toenails Get Infected?

 Fungi thrive in damp, warm environments. The flesh beneath and around your nail bed is a prime location for these infections to begin and can cause serious damage to the health of your feet and toenails. As the fungi multiply, they can cause your toenail to yellow, darken, harden, and flake away.

Activities That Increase the Possibility of Toenail Fungus:

  • Regularly walk around locker rooms barefoot
  • Prior cases of fungal infections like athlete's foot
  • Poor circulation
  • Sharing nail clippers, socks, or shoes with other people
  • Sweat heavily and wearing your socks/shoes for long periods of time
  • Treatment of Fungal Nails

The treatment of nail fungus varies depending on the severity of your infection. Your dermatologist might:

  • Prescribe medicated nail polish
  • Give you oral antifungals
  • Instruct you to use topical antifungals on your feet

In extreme cases, the nail may be removed. If you do require nail removal, your nail should grow back healthy once the underlying skin has been treated. 

Prevention of Fungal Nail Infections

The best way to avoid a serious fungal infection is to practice good hygiene and foot care. This includes:

  • Using only your personal pedicure set
  • Disinfecting pedicure tools regularly
  • Wearing breathable shoes
  • Changing socks after sweating
  • Avoiding shoe/sock sharing
  • Wearing flip-flops or shower shoes in communal areas
  • Washing and drying your feet regularly

Your dermatologist can effectively clear up any issues by taking a look at your feet and determining the cause of your nail infection. From there, a medication and treatment plan can be prescribed.

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